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Reaching young people who grew up in a fast-evolving visual culture and explaining complex topics such as money or radicalisation in an understandable way at the same time? That is exactly what KLAAR is trying to do, tailored to the needs of the teacher and the classroom.

Teachers are in constant search of stimulating footage that makes complex topics comprehensible. The Archive for Education caters even more to those needs with the launch of KLAAR.

Firstly, teachers can now watch short episodes of KLAAR with their students, in which VRT NWS experts take the floor. Students can watch each episode without having to sign in, until thirty days after airing. Teachers with an account have permanent access to all episodes. Secondly, a test phase in 2017 made clear that enriching collections are an important added value for Flemish teachers. That’s why the editors of The Archive for Education select additional footage relating to covered topics. The digital platform Smartschool notifies teachers weekly about new episodes and collections.

The KLAAR project and complementary collections enable us to expand and update The Archive for Education and help teachers in their classroom. That way, this special collaboration is complementary to the goal of our teaching platform: to provide access to Flemish sound and vision tailored to the needs of the classroom.

The Archive for Education, VRT and Smartschool launched KLAAR in early 2018. Since then, new episodes are made and positively received every week.

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