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Collaboration with Cinematek regarding registration and deposit

CINEMATEK can assess the content and technical aspects of film conservation and storage better than anyone. They have the necessary knowledge, experience and infrastructure, and they are the ideal partner to support the many Flemish cultural heritage managers.

The registrars at Cinematek help organisations with the registration, assessment and selection of the films. Each film passes through their capable hands and receives a technical sheet in the registration system of meemoo. This sheet shows the condition of the film, the level of damage caused by vinegar syndrome, whether the film has sound and if it’s a colour film or black and white.

Each film is watched to give it a content description. Based on this, the contentpartner can decide whether or not to digitise the film.

The majority of contentpartners do not have proper store rooms where the reel can be preserved chilled and with the right humidity. If desired, the films can be stored safely in Cinematek’s archives. This collaboration constitutes a solid base for further conservation and digitisation.

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