Photographic reproductions of cultural heritage and art collections

Digitisation doesn’t just have the aim of preserving something sustainably; it can also make content available that isn’t physically accessible by everyone otherwise – because of the distance to the object or its vulnerability.

Flemish museums and cultural heritage institutions are home to some real treasures that can only be physically accessed at their premises. Creating high-quality, high-resolution photographic reproductions of these treasures makes them widely available both online and offline.

Fotograaf Dominique Provost bij Musea Brugge

Digitising museum collections or masterpieces (so called Topstukken) requires a very specific approach. The work involved for a single museum piece is much more intensive than for a single carrier, for example, which is why meemoo collaborates with specialist professional photographers who create high-resolution images. Meemoo takes responsibility for the coordination and cost of this, and makes the images available for free download from

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What we can do for your accredited museum, or cultural heritage institution with a 'Topstuk' in the collection?

  • We employ professional photographers to create high-resolution images;

  • We take care of the durable store and management of your images in a professional digital asset management system (DAM);

  • All images are made available on the Art in Flanders platform. We ensure a broad access to the images en and increase in use, with the acknowledgment of our content partners in the citation

  • We help professional users to distribute Flemish collections. This means they can come to us for the most up-to-date version of an image of a specific work of art or object, and we can look together at what the best resolution or file format might be;

  • We specialise in licence management and have a modelled licence system that takes into account the objectives, scope and quality required for professional users such as publishers.

  • We invest in the advancement of digital image management, and share our expertise on ‘reproduction work’ and its sustainable preservation.

Not a meemoo content partner or accredited museum, or no works from the Flemish government’s List of Masterpieces in your collection?

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