Find, watch and listen to audiovisual content wherever you are with the visitor tool

Target audience:

our content partners’ visitors and employees

We’ve digitised a wealth of audio and video content together with our partners over recent years. But much of this content is still subject to copyright and privacy laws, which means it can’t be accessed without first obtaining the appropriate permissions. Fortunately, the law provides an exception for scientific and private research: you can view or listen to content stored in archives by visiting the managing institution’s premises.

And the visitor tool cleverly capitalises on this. It gives organisations their own catalogue of audiovisual content stored at meemoo, so they can give their visitors access to look up and view clips for a limited time.

For content partners

As an organisation, you are in control of your own catalogue and can use licences to choose for yourself which items you make available. Users can make requests to view your content and you decide whether and for how long they can have access, so you can safely share unique items from your digital collection with your visitors and employees in a protected environment.

For researchers

Anyone conducting research into the past hundred years needs access to images and audio. Major events and day-to-day life alike have been recorded on film, records or cassettes. Together with our content partners, we want to make this content available in a lawful way.

Thanks to the visitor tool, you can access the digital content from partners affiliated with meemoo wherever you are. A powerful search engine with intelligent filters ensures you can search the catalogue independently, and watch and listen to the clips you find in a user-friendly interface.