Catalogus Pro

Target group:
meemoo’s content partners

Catalogus Pro makes meemoo’s digital archive accessible to the content partners that contribute to it. The platform is the result of a special collaboration between meemoo and its colleagues in Flanders’ cultural, media and government sectors.

It’s exclusively accessible for the more than 150 content partners that meemoo works with – ensuring they can search for, find and view content quickly and easily in a secure environment. Ease of use is a top priority.

Catalogus Pro is where we start looking if we’re interested in other partners’ content. The platform is really easy to use and we can view the content straight away. It’s a great place to do research for our exhibitions, for example, or even check our own collection.’

- Ellen Ryckx, Coordinator Studio Alijn, Huis van Alijn

Content partners can of course manage what goes into the catalogue, and what doesn’t, within meemoo’s general agreement framework. The managing content partner’s contact details are provided next to each item, so it’s easy to ask questions via the platform. And to avoid any inconvenience, we only grant access to the employees specified by our content partners.